Formentera All Round Trail (FART) 2016

Back in 2014 the fart (Innocent Spanish acronym for the race!) was my first ever trail race and will therefore always have a strong emotional attachment to me. Last year the Fart along with most other running aspirations turned to dust for no discernible reason, in particular the Fart 2015 was a kick in the […]

Sobrasada 2015

This is a quirky race involving 15 laps around the beautiful village of Santa Gertrudis to make up an official half marathon distance. Ok, so that doesn’t sound so unusual you might think…The race is mainly run by relay teams of two or more runners each running a number of laps before they have to […]

Les Templiers – Endurance Trail 100k

Les Templiers – Endurance Trail 100k

This amazing looking event was booked the day after my failed qualifier at NDW100, something of a knee jerk reaction but a keenly anticipated one. Training had been going amazingly well until an innocent trip whilst working in London and run – commuting resulted in a cracked rib that seemed to never heal. I was […]

NDW100 – 2015 DNF :(

The dust has started to settle after another personal duel with the North Downs, it’s fair to say I got my arse kicked at the weekend in spectacular style, proper trouser round the ankles whipping. Planning in this race had been ongoing since September 2014, our week in the Holiday Inn Farnborough leading up to […]

Baga to Berga Trail Nit

Baga to Berga Trail Nit My wife and children are away in the UK for one week, what is a man to do with the spare time? Find a Transvulcania qualifying race of course, but where to look within a couple of hours of home..The only race that fitted al requirements was a race I […]

NDW50 2015 – Heaven and Hell

Right, this post starts with a great big soppy thank you to my wife of nearly two decades Shelley, she is the best. Any partner of an ultra runner has to have endless patience and understanding  of something they just don’t understand! Getting up at 04:00, phone alarm screeching,  fumbling around looking for that particular […]

Formentera All Round Trail (FART)

In it’s fourth year, this trail race rightly goes from strength to strength and is unwittingly (or not) known locally as the FART! The race takes place on the gorgeous island of Formentera one of the smaller Balearic Islands, and within swimming distance of the better known island of Ibiza. Last year (2014) this was […]

Ennerdale 25k

Writing this up for my own journal whilst I can still remember as much as anything, it’s a race I did way back in October..  I intend to do more posts as I am really loving my running again and race season is upon us… Shelley my long suffering wife of many years was desperate […]

Recovering from a 100 Mile Race

It is over two months since I completed my first 100 mile race in which time I have learned a few things about my body and recovery. Firstly I have found there is a dearth of information on the recovery process and how long it could potentially take to feel the fire in the engine […]

My First 100 Miler – Afterthoughts…

Despite what ultra-running legend Karl Meltzer might say, one hundred miles is far, certainly to me at least!  It was after listening to his catchy strapline “A hundred miles is not that far” for the umpteenth time that I crazily entered the NDW100 last year. At the time I had never run a trail race […]